The farm and history

The farm has been run by the family since 1844

This tradition will hopefully continue. The farm name Skarsböle consists of two parts. Skars which likely originates from the old male name Skari and böle, which in the past meant ”far- away pasture”.
Farms with names ending with böle was most likely established in the 10th or 11th century, after the Swedish christian crusades. Finland became then part of the Swedish- Finnish kingdom, which existed until 1809. Finland became a selfregulating region of the Russian kingdom, but finally declared independency in 1917, as the Republic of Finland.

Nearby the farm you find first signs of local human activity 3000- 3500 years ago. The area was archipelago around 1000 b.c. Stone structure remainings can be found on high hills in the forest. They are often grave constructions of stones, built by boat culture representants.

The landscape is dominated by water and forests, and today like 1000 years ago you find many delicacy treasures in the clean Finnish nature! This and some more modern experiences we offer you during your stay at Villa Skogsbacka!

Welcome to Skarsbole farm!